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In this brand new weight loss study with Lynn Waldrop...


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If you have STRUGGLED with your weight and body image and...

  • You have to watch every bite and work out religiously to lose any weight
  • You easily plateau for a LONG time
  • It's even harder to maintain than to lose it in the first place!
  • You KNOW there has to be a better way than what western science tells us
  • You are drawn to energy work and specifically to Lynn!
  • You are ready to clear what's going on in your energy field that relates to your body

Then get ready to go DEEP energetically
in the Body BFF Weight Loss Study
created by Body Channeler Lynn Waldrop

As a Medical Intuitive, she is known as “The Body Channel” and energetically dives into the each of the body systems of her client (such as the nervous system, circulatory systems…). The body talks to her showing her areas of “dis-ease” AND the means to change it while she is in there! Lynn is the Creator of “The Body Channel”, a Certified Color Therapy & Tuning Fork Master, Reiki Master & Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator. Lynn empowers her clients to create and generate change in their own life & body – life is like Play Doh, if you don’t like what you have created, laugh at it, smash it, and create something new!

In Lynn's last weight study, which didn't include her more recent energy work...

Several startling changes happened in working with Lynn and her body class. My intention had been to become more comfortable and connected to my body. Her work exceeded my expectations. First, I lost 30 pounds in three months without any new changes to my diet or exercise program. What was even more surprising was the increase in my business. My client load increased dramatically and opportunities began to open in all directions. Becoming more comfortable with my body has given me confidence and removed blocks that continue to create positive changes in my life on a daily basis.

Jeri L, Georgia

And that was ONLY with mind detox work, it didn't include her very powerful body channel work...imagine the possibilities when combined!

It's NOT your normal program because you...

  • Heal the ENERGY of what's holding you back

    Everything is energy, but 99.9% of weight loss studies focus only on the physical – food and exercise. We already know that we co-create what we see in our physical reality, so why have we given all the power to the food and dieticians and scientists to tell us HOW to create the body we want?

  • Clear Past Lives, Ancestry, and Entities - which can be a big piece of the puzzle!

    Have you ever thought about what your past lives might have to do with your body’s journey? What about your ancestor’s energies? Energies that aren’t yours? Lynn takes us through clearing any contracts, vows, agreements, and curses that can be affecting us now.

  • Heal your body's weight regulation systems

    Research has been telling us that your body’s systems are supposed to regulate your weight, like your naturally thin friends do – they don’t hold on to every morsel of food they eat! Lynn will dive into our bodies and tune up the communication systems, so that for example when our fat tissues secrete the hormone leptin telling our hypothalamus to stop storing fat, that system actually works!

  • Speed up Your Metabolism

    We’ve heard about metabolism and how faster metabolisms burn more fat. There are cellular and system mechanisms that make this happen, and Lynn can get those mechanisms online again and more efficient. For example, more mitochondria means more fat burning!

  • Negotiate with your body so you co-create something amazing

    When are you most helpful? When you are ridiculed, hated, starved, and unloved? Or when you are valued, listened to, nourished, and loved? Our bodies respond the same way. Let’s learn how they want to be treated so that together you can create a body that satisfies both of you!

  • Become part of the energy source for the creation of this program

    When you invest in this live program, you become part of the pool of bodies that Lynn channels to create the healing energy information we all need. You get to contribute your thoughts, ideas, and issues in advance, so that for each module your energy is part of the program!

Lynn is channeling the energy from YOU and other participants to create the healing modules!

The results I got from Lynn's weight loss class were a total surprise!!  By the end of the  6-week series i dropped two dress sizes and the most significant to me was that I had very little saggy skin!  In the past when my weight yo-yo'd, my family would think that I looked sickly and too skinny and this time I looked so healthy and glowing!!  AND Lynn helped me release the grip that other's judgements had on me as well so I didn't care even if they did complain!

- Marie M., Canton, GA

Here's what energies you are going to SHIFT in this study!

The key to the effectiveness of this program is not only clearing unwanted energies, but also supplying the healing and building energies our bodies and energetics systems need to regulate our weight. This includes the energies of our physical systems, emotions, thoughts, and spirit. We will cover all all of them in these 8 modules.


  • Module 1 - FOOD!

    It often feels like food is the problem, so we will start here to clear those issues including:

    — Digestive Issues
    — Comfort Eating
    — Obsessive Thoughts
    — Cravings
    — Judgments about foods we have to eat
    — Comparisons to others’ eating

  • Module 2 - METABOLISM

    We watch other people eat whatever they want and maintain, why can’t we? Let’s get our body’s furnaces burning hotter and cleaner. Including work on:

    — Cellular metabolism
    — Increasing mitochondria
    — Thyroid function
    — Efficiently releasing waste

  • Special Module 3 - Abuse

    Abuse takes many forms, and many people who struggle with weight issues have experienced it in this lifetime or others. In this special module, Lynn will help you release the energy of abuse you have been using extra weight to protect yourself from.
    — physical
    — verbal
    — sexual
    — abuse of self
    — abuse of food

  • Module 4 - Past Lives and Entities

    Wow, a lot of energy here. We know that energy is recycled, so you are carrying energy from who you were before this lifetime. Many times there are recurring themes through lifetimes until a particular cycle is healed. Let’s heal it! AND this module includes clearing any entities or sources of energy that are not yours that may be contributing to your body’s struggle to maintain a healthy weight. These energies can be tenacious and can come from anywhere! Including:

    — Lifetimes where being overweight was a sign of wealth and therefore desirable
    — Lifetimes where extra weight protected you through famine and disease
    — Entities who source their power from your weight
    — Entities who can distract their control by keeping you focused on weight

  • Module 5 - Hormones

    Imbalanced hormones can wreak havoc with our body. Our endocrine system functions as a symphony, and if any one part is out of tune, it can throw everyone else out. In this module we focus on balancing hormones related to weight and auxillary supportive hormones. Including:
    — The hormone leptin secreted by adipose tissue (fat) that tells our hypothalmus we have sufficient energy stored.
    — AMPk, the hormone that signals our body to start burning fat.
    — Hormones that regulate our sleep/wake cycle which affect our body’s ability to burn energy
    — Hormones secreted by our adrenals that start the obesity disease process

  • Module 6 - DNA and Ancestry

    We are born with certain genetic code, some new, some inherited. Did you know that genetic code can definitely be altered? In Lynn’s newest energy downloads, she is now working closely to alter our genetic expression. That means we can alter the core programming! We will also release energetic contracts and ties to our ancestors.

    — Inherited body features (saddlebags, waddle, droopy breasts, cellulite)
    — Symptoms related to genetic programming
    — Contracts with current loved ones to maintain extra weight
    — Vows to ancestors to carry on family genetic code

  • Module 7 - Toning and Movement

    Our bodies are designed to move and they LOVE to be toned. With all the harsh exercise methods forced on us, even just the word exercise sounds yucky. In this module we do energetic exercises to help our body tone and lift  AND we remove trauma and hatred toward exercise, gym class trauma, and focus just enjoying moving our bodies (like we did when we were little). This is also the cellulite module!

    — Concentrated energy focused on toning each body area: legs, hips, butt, abdomen, breast, arms, back, and face
    — Releasing trauma to past experience with exercise and sport
    — Refocusing on movement and synergy with body, activity, and ease
    — Special cellulite focus on smoothing out those bumpy areas

  • Module 8 - Maintaining Your Body

    We’ve all lost weight before, why is it so hard to keep it off? There are many beliefs that come into play that make us feel unsafe when we are slim. Let’s clear those out so we can enjoy our new happily humming healthy body.

    — More will be expected of me
    — I’ll get too much attention from the opposite sex
    — My significant other will be jealous
    — My overweight friends/family will no longer like me
    — I don’t know “who” I am without my extra weight
    — People will see the real me
    — No more excuses for failing in other areas of my life



Grab these exclusive BONUSES when you take action today!

100% Risk FREE - you have nothing to lose!

Lynn Waldrop, The Body Channel

I want you to experience the work and decide if it resonates with you and if your body likes it. That is why I'm offering a full refund until January 17, 2015. You can listen to the bonuses, complete the survey, and participate in the first call. You should have an instinctive knowing if it is right for you by then. If it's not, just let us know by January 17, and we will give you 100% refund.

Your Body WANTS to be your BFF!

Get started today - here is what you get:

  • 8 Live Calls with Lynn Waldrop via streaming or dial-in ($800 value)
  • Module 1 - Food Issues - digestion, sensitivities, emotions
  • Module 2 - Metabolism - get your body furnance heating properly
  • Module 3 - Abuse - physical, verbal, sexual abuse from all timelines; abuse of self and of food
  • Module 4 - Past Lives & Entities - all the weight baggage you are carrying that is not yours
  • Module 5 - Hormones - balancing levels of all weight related hormones
  • Module 6 - DNA/Ancestry - recoding the genetic material you have inherited or were born with
  • Module 7 - Exercise & Toning - connecting with your body through movement and reshaping body
  • Module 8 - Safe to Maintain - beliefs about being thin and maintaining
  • Body Channel Physical 5 downloadable MP3s ($500 value)
  • Body Channel Mind Detox for Weight Release ($100 value)
  • Discovery Survey to understand your goals and blocks ($40 value)
  • Replay and download the calls to listen to repeatedly - as each module uncovers energy layers, previous modules will go even deeper than when you experienced it the first time
  • Module by Module survey for you to give your energetic input on what you want covered

Here's What You'll Do Next:

  • 1

    Register for the course

    First, register through one of the buy now buttons below. You can choose the full pay, 2-pay plan, to add on a private session with Lynn, or to go through the course with a friend.

  • 2

    Complete Your Discovery Survey

    In this form we send you immediately upon registration, you are asked questions to guide you to identify the blocks that have been holding you back. Maintaining an ideal weight has never been about willpower. When your thoughts, feelings, emotions, physical and energetic body are all on the same page, then it's natural! Here's where you start looking at what those blocks are for you. You'll also be given the opportunity to give input into the first module about food and where you struggle.

  • 3

    Begin Listening to the Physical 5 MP3s

    The sooner you start listening to these the better. You will be able to download them immediately. Lynn recommends listening to all 5 at least once each day before and during the program (as long as it feels "yummy" to your body). It's recommended to listen to them once to understand what they are accomplishing, then you can listen to them with the volume down if that's easier (again, ask your body what it wants). This will help your body detox all the toxins you will start to release from this energy work, help ease inflammation, get your colon working properly, and get your endocrine (hormone) system "online".

  • 4

    Listen to the Mind Detox for Weight Release MP3

    This is the foundational mp3 for mind detox for weight release. It covers a lot of the common thoughts feelings and emotions that people who struggle with their weight have. Clearing these before and during the course will help the energy work go deeper.

  • 5

    Optional - Start keeping a journal of your Experience

    This is not required, but is very likely that a lot will come up with you as you go through this process. Writing it down is a great way to process it on a conscious level.

  • 6

    Join us for the first call on January 12!

    For some awesome energy work from Lynn!

My husband has been loving my new body!! I may have only dropped one dress size but the shape of my body is come completely different. And I am SO willing to strut my stuff and show off my assets!! Probably the biggest gift that I got out of this class was total confidence in me and my body!!

Billie H. Marietta, GA

You're right it's not about food or exercise. I have been changing my routine, foods and amounts for 8 years and I still gain 1-2 lbs a year. Nothing is working. I started listening to your recordings about a week ago. I am happy to say I have lost 2 lbs. That's the most progress I have ever had. Thank you......👍

Corinna USA
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.When are the live calls?

    A.They start Monday, January 12, 2015, at 12 noon EST (click here to translate to your time zone). They will continue for 7 weeks for a total of 8 calls, finishing on March 2, 2015.

  • Q.I want the option to join with a friend, can we pay separately?

    A.Please contact [email protected] to arrange for separate payments. Both payments will need to be received in order to send you your bonus materials.

  • Q.What if I can't attend the calls live?

    A.That’s fine…Lynn will already be sourcing your energy to include in the healing. Just listen to them again via the replay.

  • Q.How do I access the live or recorded calls?

    A.You can access via phone, skype, or streaming on the internet. The recorded calls may be streamed or downloaded to your device(s). Each week you will be sent the details for the next call.

  • Q.I already have the Physical 5 MP3s, can you give me something else as my bonus?

    A.The Physical 5 are the most relevant to this process and so we aren’t substituting. However, you may gift your new license of the Physical 5 to a loved one if you already have a previous license.

  • Q.One or modules don't pertain to me, will this still help?

    A.Short answer…yes. The other modules will help AND while some don’t seem to relate to you right now, it may very well help you with unconscious or external energies that you don’t realize need healing!



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